Amanda Mohler

Sounds Abound DJ and Master of Ceremonies

Amanda's Video

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Amanda's Bio

Hello, my name is Amanda Mohler. I started working at Sounds Abound in 2016. I was eager to beginworking with my dad, Craig Mohler who has been with the company for about twenty years. I grew upseeing him get all dressed up, looking spiffy, to go work a wedding and I could not wait until I was oldenough to go with him. When I turned 16, he told me I was old enough to mix with him. I caught onquickly with the routines and how to properly work the equipment. With that, since I began workingwith my dad, He taught me that the most important thing is that everyone has fun. The Dj is an important aspect of the event, but should not be the only thing a guest remembers about the night. I have worked with a few other MC’s as well and have learned something different each time I work with someone new. I learn new set lists and how other MC’s work. I have enjoyed each and every second while working. I have a vast knowledge of different types or genres of music. In 2017 I had the opportunity to work a few of my own events and each ended successfully. I have also recently learned how to work the photobooth and I look forward to working more events with that. I enjoy working for Sounds Abound because it got me out of my shell. I used to be quiet and shy and timid, but after doing this for a couple years, I am more outgoing and talkative. I love playing music people enjoy and seeing the dance floor fill up. The night is just as fun for me as it is for the guests.

What Clients Say About Amanda

Amanda was AMAZING!

Amanda and team were AMAZING! Played all different varieties of music, everyone was complimenting them through night. Highly recommend!!!

Julie & Tanner

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