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My name is Brian Keck. I would first like to thank you for considering me as the DJ for your event. People often ask me why I DJ on the weekends in addition to my job during the week. My answer is simple, I love a great party.

Every job in my life has been in customer service, and being a DJ is no different. I believe to be a successful DJ you have to listen to your customer and give them what they are asking for. That is why I believe my communication with you prior to your party can really help set up the “perfect party.” I want to get to know you and know your expectations for the night prior to the event. The night of your event can be very hectic and everyone wants to pull you different ways. The goal of my communication with you prior to your event is to limit the time I have to take you away from your guests and help make the evening as stress free as possible.

Combining your requests for the evening with my feel for what the crowd wants will leave everyone saying, “the music was perfect!” That is my goal for every party. I love this job because even though every crowd is different everyone there has the same goal, and that is to have fun. I hear people talk about doing things like sky diving and bungee jumping for an adrenaline rush. I get my adrenaline rush from watching a dance floor full of people dancing and singing along to the music.

I would love to have the opportunity to meet you and help make your event memorable. You don’t have to take my word for it, just view some of the things people have said about their party that I was a part of in the testimonials. Hopefully, I will talk to you soon.

What Clients Say About Brian

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Kelley & Jeff – October 20, 2012

“Brian was a wonderful dj, we couldn’t have been more pleased. The whole entire booking process when we dealt with Jeff went so smoothly as well. Out of all the stresses of the wedding planning process, the dj process went by far the smoothest. The online planner was so easy to use, and picking songs was actually easy! When we picked Brian, I knew he would do a wonderful job, and our phone conversations really put me at ease. I have a few more friends that are getting married within the next year and I would definitely recommend Sounds Abound to them. Our wedding went perfect and Brian really made it great, we had people dancing the whole entire night which is something that I really wanted. Thank you so much Sounds Abound!!!”

Kelly & Eric – October 13, 2012

“Brian was wonderful! He was friendly, professional and made sure we had discussed all day-of details in advance so we had nothing to worry about on our wedding day. My husband and I felt confident that Brian would do a great job and he exceeded our expectations! He read the crowd perfectly and kept the dance floor packed all night long. He was really great about accommodating our last minute requests, too! We would recommend Brian for any of your special occasions.”

Stephanie & Adam – October 5, 2012

“Every time I would email, someone got back to me right away. Brian was awesome to work with. He called me twice before the big day to go over stuff which was much appreciated since I needed the help. On the big day, he played all the music I wanted and then some! The guests loved the music choices, and Brian helped us every step of the way to make sure the whole event flowed smoothly. He could not have been more organized and professional. I was so impressed. I’d hire him again if I had to do it all over, cause we truly was so helpful and put us at ease cause he knew what he was doing, and Sounds Abound was so helpful with response time.”

Debbie & Christopher – August 11, 2012

“Brian was great! He did a great job with our video montage and the music!!”

Kathy & Darius – June 16, 2012

“Exceeded our expectations. Brian was excellent.”

Marty – Wife’s 50th Birthday Party – March 3, 2012

“What I appreciated most was the DJ’s interest in making sure the experience was exactly what I had in mind. And it was — Brian worked with me to get everything letter-perfect. What a great experience. You have things figured out.”

Janet (MOG) – Kelly & Steven – December 18, 2011

“Brian Keck did a fantastic job as the DJ and MC for our son’s wedding. He was a true professional, as he kept the evening’s event moving along in a very fun way, without ever drawing attention to himself. The music was great and the dance floor was crowded all night long! He made the timeline run smoothly and kept the crowd energized when it came to dancing. Wonderful. The booking process went very smoothly and Brian was very professional throughout the evening.”

Helen & Tony – October 29, 2011

“Brian listened, played a good variety of music. Talked just enough. Kept the party moving. He did what we asked plus! Keep doing what you’re doing. I felt comfortable talking to all who answered my questions. You all did a nice job listening & making suggestions.”

Julie & Andrew – October 8, 2011

“Brian was awesome..he kept the flow of the reception going and everyone on the dance floor the whole night.”

Patricia & Walter – October 1, 2011

“Brian was awesome! While we didn’t exactly have a dancing type of crowd, Brian did his very best to get them on the dance floor. He did a great job reading the crowd, and was happy to take requests. Everyone commented on how great the music was. Thanks Brian!”

Annamarie & Mark – August 20, 2011

“Brian did a great job. Kept everyone dancing at our 25th Anniversary party. We had so much fun. Would definately recommend Brian and Sounds Abound!”

Alexa – on Pete’s 75th Birday Party – August 6, 2011

“Brian, Thanks so much for all your help! The birthday party for Pete was a SUCCESS! He loved every minute of the evening. The music was great as always and the video was awesome! I appreciate all you did.”

Megan & Chris – July 23, 2011

“We are grateful to Sounds Abound for a great wedding planning experience. Our DJ Brian was wonderful. We had numerous guests call us after the reception to say that was the best wedding they had ever been to.”

Laura & Joe – June 25, 2011

“My experience with Sounds Abound was more than I could have ever asked for. Our DJ, Brian did a FANTASTIC job! He made the whole evening run smoothly and was very personable. I would highly recommend this service to anyone that is looking for a DJ! It all was great for us! Keep doing what you’re doing!”

Katherine & Enrique – June 18, 2011

“Brian was great. He was organized and professional, we enjoyed working with him.”

Susan & John – June 10, 2011

“Excellent! Brian was the perfect DJ for our wedding!!!”

Dawn & Jeremy – April 9, 2011

“Brain was Excellent.”

Jen & Jon – October 16, 2010

“Brain was great! He is already booked for my sister’s wedding next year. I could not be happier with how it turned out”

Cindy & Jeff – September 25, 2010

“We have been to several weddings with your DJ’s and a few of them were with Brian Keck. THUS why we chose Sounds Abound and Brian. We knew you would all do a great job!”

Brenna & Chris – September 18, 2010

“Brian was wonderful and he kept our guests dancing throughout the entire reception with his carefully selected beats!! We highly recommend him and Sounds Abound!”

John (FOG) – September 4, 2010

“Brian and the Team were on their game. In addition to great music, great lighting effects and running a great show Brian was able to recreate the “Crazy Hour” dance experience we enjoyed during Chris and Ceci’s first Wedding Reception in Arequipa, Peru in June. The energy was high, the dance floor full and all enjoyed the evening. Great Job!”

Chelsea & Jason – August 29, 2010

“Very smooth, seamless process leading up to the wedding – loved the online planner. Our DJ was top notch, can’t think of anything I would have changed about his service. Excellent!”

Angela & Jacob – August 7, 2010

“Brian and his assistant did an outstanding job at our wedding. Many of my guests complimented me on the dj selection and I have recommended Sounds Abound to some of my friends. Everything was easy and organized. Thanks for making this a part of my wedding I didn’t have to worry about!”

Colleen & Andrew – July 30, 2010

“My wife and I could not have been more pleased with sounds abound and Brian in particular. Almost from the beginning of our event the timeline was off and he adapted to what was going on. He was in constant communication with the two of us making sure we had everything exactly how we wanted it. He knew what to play and when to play it. We are still being told how fun our reception was. We could not have been happier. We will definitely refer anyone we know who needs a DJ. Thank you so much.”

Gina & Mike – July 24, 2010

“We were so incredibly pleased with Brian’s performance at our wedding. Not only was he a great person, but he was very attentive to both of our schedules that night. The wedding was full of people and we didn’t get much time to even be with one another, but the music was exactly what we asked for. We had some odd requests for live versions of specific artists, and Brian and Sounds Abound delivered! You can definitely use us as a reference. We had so many different elements to the wedding, and Sounds Abound was able to provide the equipment! The office was attentive and courteous to all of our requests! Brian did an outstanding job at the wedding. We have been to weddings where the DJ’s are unprofessional, i.e., hitting on guests, acting rude towards requests, and so on. We did not have that problem here! I asked several of our guests how the music was, and they said it was great. We were very specific in what we did and did not want as far as music is concerned, and Brian and Sounds Abound followed in every request. Thank you for making our wedding so memorable Brian!!”

Nora & David – July 17, 2010

“We were very pleased and Brian was very friendly, professional and accommodating. He played non stop music and the crowd was very happy with the choice of songs. Many of our guests commented on what a great job he did playing a wide variety of songs we requested as well as others all at the appropriate times throughout the night.”

Kim & Scott – June 19, 2010

“I thought Brian did a great job. Scott and I were very happy with the service we received”

Erin & Jason – May 28, 2010

“Brian was great! He really made the whole process easier for us. He had great music selections and was quick to adapt to our group of guests. I loved the job that he did!”

Shannon & Joe H – May 22, 2010

“Brian did a great job! He involved the numerous kids at the wedding, played a great mix of music, and checked with us periodically to make sure that our needs were being met. He also shortened our first dance and the father daughter dance with just a raising of the eyebrows–much appreciated! I danced all night and had a great time because of Brian’s music selection. We had many compliments on our music–everyone had a great time.”

Megan & Mike – October 24, 2009

“Brian, Megan and I just wanted to thank you again for a great job on Saturday night. You definitely surpassed all of our expectations with each facet of the entire event.”

Michelle & Jason – September 19, 2009

“Brian was awesome, he always made sure that Jason and I were okay with the flow of the event and kept the dance floor moving all night. The minute people stopped dancing he changed the music and the dance floor was packed again. By the end of the evening he even knew a bunch of my guests by names and they thought that was so awesome! My guests are still talking about how much fun they had, and Jason and I had a blast, Brian was great! verything from invitations, to the wedding shop to the DJ and video was great!”

Kelly & Kevin – September 6, 2009

“I did not just go through and mark “excellent” because I felt it was easier, however I would like to give my best to Brian for his excellent performance and outstanding attitude at our wedding. He really took control, got the crowd dancing and overall was the key to a great party. Improvements for the future? You can improve by giving Brian a pay raise.”

Kate & Brett – June 20, 2009

“Brian was excellent.”

Kim & Rob – June 19, 2009

“Have already been asked by a friend who is getting married who our dj was and I will refer her to you.”

Lori & Charlie – May 30, 2009

“When the dance floor is still full and the last dance is playing you know that your DJ did a great job selecting the music. The whole process was not only easy but considering that this was all planned long distance it was flawless.”

Courtney & David – May 25, 2009

“It was awesome how we coordinated my wedding together. I enjoyed it all. Brian was very helpful in letting me know when things were going to happen during the reception! it was very enjoyable! Thanks!”

Hayley & Paul – April 25, 2009

“We were sold from the first moment we walked in to the shop. We looked through the videos and fell in love with Brian Keck, who we reserved. We got our invitations and a few favors from the shop and not only were they exactly what we were looking for, but the service was great. Everyone was incredibly friendly ever single time we were in there for any reason. I went in with a sore throat and they got me some Sprite when they noticed my laborious swallowing. On two other occasions we were in there for awhile looking at invitations and they did the same thing. It was great to get so much done for the wedding in one place. When it came time to meet with our DJ, Brian Keck, he got us all set up and we were confident about the ceremony and felt prepared-which really put our mind at ease. He was incredibly helpful in filling out the gaps in our song/introduction selections. He really helped us get on track and get this reception planned exactly how we wanted it. The day of the wedding he did not disappoint. He and his assistant were great. Everything went off without a hitch. He was very adaptive to what was going on and kept an entertaining selection that kept people engaged with the event. We didn’t have a lot of dancers in the bunch so he had his work cut out for him. They both offered great support and were good at balancing the desires of the guests, against our desires, and against what probably is reality when it comes to playing songs. First rate service, and a first rate DJ for the night of our weddign. On a personal note I found Brian to be a a very pleasant person and I thought he has a very pleasant voice (which is good for being an MC for the event). I would recommend Brian Keck and Sounds Abound to anyone planning an event and will be doing so.”

Tom Canale CARC Fundraiser – March 7, 2009

“I have many choices for DJ’s and will always ask Brian to come back to our events. Your pricing is fair, he’s a great guy, people like him, I would refer him without hesitation if the opportunity arises, and he is very good at playing a diverse group of songs to a very diverse crowd at our event.”

Suzanne & Kyle – January 24, 2009

“As MOB it was challenging to blend my vision and the vision of the groom. Brian handled a delicate situation with incredible maturity and finesse. He allowed three of us to sound ideas off of him. He allowed the groom’s friend “airtime” without letting things get out of his masterful control. The party was fabulous-guests were thrilled. Music was perfect…. we could not have been more pleased. We had a difficult time choosing from so many dj options but are assured we made the right decision.”

Marian & Jim – January 9, 2009

“You did an excellant job. Brian and Tad were both great and everyone loved the music. I would recommend Sounds Abound to anyone. Thank you for a job well done.”

Bridget & Ryan – December 27, 2008

“We were thrilled with the organization and professionalism that our DJ maintained before and during our wedding. Brian got the party started promptly and smoothly, so that everything fit perfectly into place without a worry from the bride or groom. He found us in the beginning to ask us any pertinent questions and to guide us through the night. He strictly honored all of our song requests- even the “do not play” songs we had restricted that my little siblings were begging him to play (and our elders would’ve been horrified to hear). The music mix was perfect and the dance floor was always full of people dancing their tails off! It was the night of our lives and we owe a huge thank you to our DJ!”

Natalie & Bill – December 6, 2008

“Brian was awesome…he was so easy to work with and totally understood what we wanted for the reception music. He was the perfect mix of behind-the-scenes and on the dance floor getting the guests involved. The phone meeting beforehand put us at ease and we didnt worry at all about pronunciations or any confusions with the intros. He approached us a couple of times throughout the night to see if we wanted any specific songs played and the mix of songs was perfect. He even asked about playing Christmas music along with the style I chose for dinner music. I appreciated that he wanted to make sure it was ok before he did. My sister is getting married in the fall of 09 so we will be calling Brian again! Thank you for everything…our wedding was unforgettable!”

Laura & Michael – October 25, 2008

“I was totally satisfied with everything. I would recommend you to anyone who needed a DJ. In fact, I have given out your information.”

Wendy & Jason i- October 24, 2008

“Brian did a great job overall. He was extremely friendly and had the perfect amount of interaction with our guests. Thanks for helping to create such an amazing day.”

Carlie & Rick – October 11, 2008

“Brian did a wonderful job at the wedding. He was very accomodating and made the day as easy as possible. He really catered to every generation that attended. I would definitely recommend Brian to people I know.”

Barb Amos – Mother of the Bride Kristin & Luke – September 27, 2008

“We just want to thank everyone at Sounds Abound for your wonderful wedding services. Jeff and JoAnn were both so helpful for our music and our invitations, being a calming presence when things got intense. We got many compliments on our invitations. Brian Keck was our DJ, and he did a fantastic job! The music was perfect for our reception and the dance floor was full all night. Thank you so much for being a part of our daughter’s special day:)”

Christine & Ricky – August 9, 2008

“Brian was excellent. We had a great experience with Sounds Abound. All of the staff we worked with throughout the whole experience were very professional.”

Kim & Mark – July 26, 2008

“Everything went great! Brian was extremely helpful and so nice to work with. We would definitely recommend him and Sounds Abound to friends. I think a face to face meeting with your DJ the week of the event to go over the final details should be standard. We met with Brian and it was extremely helpful and calmed any fears I had about the DJ and music.”

Rebecca & Chad – July 19, 2008

“Brian was very professional. He even led some of the dancing! Our initial contact with you was the selling point.”

Laurie & Brent – July 12, 2008

“Brian, I just wanted to write and say thank you so much! You did a great job at the wedding and we received SO many compliments about you! Some of my girlfriends are getting married and they asked for your info because you did so good! We had an absolute blast and everything went very smoothly, thank you for being on top of your game!”

Kim & Chris – June 28, 2008

“Sounds Abound exceeded our expectations. From the very beginning, we found your website to be incredibly helpful. We were especially pleased with Brian Keck leading up to our wedding day and throughout our reception. He couldn’t have been more polite, pleasant & professional to work with! We were very pleased with his services and those from Sounds Abound. We would definitely recommend the company and Brian to others.”

Emily & Brad – May 31, 2008

“I just wanted you to know how pleased we are with the services of Brian Keck. Everything went extremely well and we are very happy. Brian is also doing our Daughter’s wedding in July and we are looking forward to working with him again. ”

Sarah & Michael – May 25, 2008

“Things were going crazy that day and we were very behind schedule! Brian did a great job of making sure we had all of the moments that were important to us but also made sure that our guests had a great time.”

Michelle & Jason – October 13, 2007

“Brian exceded my every expectation. I would highly recommend him to anybody that is looking for an all around excellent DJ with supurb people skills and a great personality. He kept people on the dance floor all night and fulfilled every request I made of him. He is an A+!!”

Laura & Christian – August 11, 2007

“Sounds Abound was probably our only vendor that I had no worries about from the beginning of planning to the wedding day. You guys always had great customer service on the phone, and were even more helpful when we met in person. Brian was so great to work with. We felt like we knew him forever! He was very flexible and respectful in the way he balanced our need to stay on schedule with our desire to socialize with guests. Overall we were extremely happy with Sounds Abound. We also appreciated the convenience of having the Wedding Shop right there, so we could pick up any necessary items/gifts. We will definitely recommend Sounds Abound for any future brides & grooms in the area! Thank you so much!”

Bethany & Ryan – June 15, 2007

“Brian was WONDERFUL! We had people on the dance floor the entire wedding. At 12:30am, when the reception ended, no one wanted to leave. There were at least 100 people still left and wanted to dance more. He did an excellent job knowing what to play and when. He, and the entire Sounds Abound staff were very helpful before and during the wedding. Everyone loved him so much, my sister-in-law is having him DJ at her wedding in December. When wedding planning, everyone told us that the music will make or break your night. It definitely made ours. Thank you for all you did to make our wedding as memorable as it was.”

Christine & Thomas – December 30, 2006

“Everyone had a great time…Brian had such a laid back attitude and was a pleasure to work with. He gave us many good suggestions, things I would have never thought of on my own. He touched base with Tom and I throughout the evening, in a quick and efficient manner. The “Props” that were brought in were a fun touch. It was wonderful to hear from so many guests what a great time the had. My husband does not even like to dance and was tearing up the dance floor that evening! I can’t wait to see the video!! We felt our DJ was one of the most important aspects of the evening and he certainly impressed us. I highly recommend Sounds Abound and Brian to any couple planning a wedding. Thank you for helping to create unforgettable memories.”

April & Jason – October 28, 2006

“Quite possibly the best experience we have had at a reception. And, just to top it off, it was ours! Everyone of our guests have let us know that was the best time at a reception they have had. The music was perfect, we had not even given the DJ our “OK to be played list”! Brian was very polite; all the while not being intrusive in any way, shape , or form. We will always recommend Sounds Abound to all of our friends and family! Especially Brian Keck.”

Melissa & Matthew – August 12, 2006

“We just wanted to thank Sounds Abound for their help in the months before our wedding. We had numerous positive comments on how well the DJ organized the music of the evening and seemed to cater to all age groups. Everything went smoothly and we can’t thank you enough!”

Tara & Kevin – August 20, 2005

“Brian was Fabulous! I’ve had several individuals comment on how great our DJ was. I would refer him to everyone! Things went smoothly that night largely because of Brian. I can’t say enough good things about him and our whole Sounds Abound experience! Thanks so much – It was wonderfull!!!”

Melissa & Joseph -August 6, 2005

“Brian was a very nice person to deal with. He was very nice and took all of our requests seriously. We were both very impressed with the job he did. We also got very good compliments about him from our guests. We would use your company again!”

Karen & Ian – July 16, 2005

“We had attended several weddings where the entertainment was provided by you guys so we knew it was going to be great. Brian did a great job from the intros till the end of the night. He kept it lively even without a lot of the typical wedding songs that we didn’t want to hear. We like a pretty wide variety of music and he got a little bit of everythinig in there. Thanks Brian for helping to make our wedding fun for everyone!”

Becky & Matt -July 9, 2005

“Brian did an outstanding job! He kept the dance floor packed the entire night. I received many compliments after the event about what a great job he did. And, he played all music we requested. We have already referred your company to couples we know who are getting married. Brian helped make our reception a HUGE success. Many Thanks!!”

Kristina & Anthony – July 2, 2005

“So many people were dancing all night long and Brian played a great variety of song selections. He was very professional in every situation. He was a nice person and easy to talk to. Everything about Sounds Abound exceeded our expectations. Everything we asked for was done immediately and in a very helpful manner. It was obviouis that Brian was there to give us a great wedding and get everyone dancing. We would recommend him to anyone looking for a wedding where people can dance and socialize at the same time. Thanks for everything.”

Nicole & Domenic – June 12, 2004

“We just wanted to write to let you know how much we enjoyed having Brian be the DJ at our wedding! He was EXTREMELY pleasant to work with and was an excellent communicator. He kept everyone dancing until the end of our reception and he played a variety of music. We will recommend Sounds Abound and Brian! Thanks.”

Giselle & Joe – March 27, 2004

“This is the second family wedding Brian has done for the Roszkowski’s. We are very pleased with him and your business. We will refer you to others. Music, invitations, favors. They all made the wedding wonderful!!!”

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