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My specialty is being the “Fun DJ’. I love music and enjoy being a DJ for Sounds Abound because “Doing it Right” is the philosophy we share in common.

My events are successful because I pay close attention to details, special concerns and requests, but mostly because my clients enjoy themselves and have fun. Smiles, Energy, and Good Taste is how I would best describe my events.

From Big Bands to Top 40, my music selection is keyed to your special event. Whether it’s a Caribbean theme or Traditional & Formal, your event is prepared for accordingly. I use the newest technology and own the highest quality equipment available so your party, wedding, or special event is successful. Naturally, the latest & greatest song titles are always available.

My favorite events are parties and weddings. I enjoy coordinating all the other aspects of your event so you don’t have to. “Great Job” is what I hear most often at the end of the evening from my clients and their guests…and that’s MUSIC to my ears!!

So whether your party, wedding, or special occasion has 50 or 500 in attendance, I would be happy to DJ your next planned event. And remember…Smiles are my specialty!!!

What Clients Say About John

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Dana & Tom – July 28, 2012

“John, you did everything as you said. It was an excellent experience.”

Lisa & Mike – June 30, 2012

“We wanted a DJ and not an entertainer and that’s exactly what we got, a terrific DJ. Thank you for helping to make our wedding so much fun!!”

Cynthia (MOG) – Stan & Kelly – October 8, 2011

“My son’s wedding event was enhanced by the music, dj, and “Dancing With The Stars” lighting package. Our dj John, was professional and attentive to every detail. Sounds Abounds is my exclusive choice for event entertainment! Thank you for helping to make my son and my new daughter-in-law’s dreams come true.”

Melissa & Brian – August 7, 2011

“John was excellent! He was well organized and kept our guests dancing all night- even on a Sunday night! We were able to sit back and enjoy our wedding and didn’t have to worry about anything. He also did the music for our ceremony. Everything was done without any problems. Thank you John!”

Rebecca & Kraige – July 16, 2011

“John was exactly what we wanted in a DJ. He was the perfect mix of professional and fun. We wouldn’t hesitate to use him or Sounds Abound in the future. Thank you for making our reception wonderful. Continue your excellent commitment to customer service – so rare these days.”

Carmella & Josh – June 11, 2011

“Thank you for making our wedding reception memorable for us! John was an amazing DJ and made our night very relaxing and fun for us and our guests!”

Mike – Naperville Country Club – December 31, 2010

“John was excellent. As always, Sounds Abound has provided consistent, quality entertainment at a very reasonable cost. As an operator, it makes my job that much easier in knowing that I can place a call to your organization and not have to worry about anything else. Thanks.”

Amy & Tim – December 11, 2010

“I had a wonderful experience with John and Sounds Abound. They were willing to work within my budget and we received tons of support. You all did great.”

Colleen & Chris – September 18, 2010

“Our experience with John was absolutely amazing! He made us feel so comfortable and he made it seem like we have known him for years. He made our wedding very special…please make sure he is aware of that!! 🙂 We are glad we chose him to be our DJ. We couldn’t have asked for a better company and DJ to be part of our most special day. In regards to the online planner, that is one of the best things to help a couple stay organized for their wedding…the office was also in touch with us several times to see if there was any help we needed. The service is absolutely amazing! Thank you for everything!!!”

Amanda & Travis – July 31, 2010

“John was excellent.”

Gina & Mark – June 5, 2010

“John did an excellent job in keeping the evening going! The music was well-selected. Everyone had a great time.It was fun!!! We will sure recommend Sounds Abound as well as John to friends!”

Katie & Rick – May 1, 2010

“We would highly recommend John Ciccone to anyone needing a DJ for an event. Very entertaining and worked the crowd as well! My wife and I are happy we chose your company as it made our night that more special!”

Julia & Carter – October 17, 2009

“John was most accommodating in meeting our wishes… He did a great job of reading the crowd, and had the dance floor filled at all times! (Of course we have an exceptional group of friends and family. And he worked very well with our event planner at the Marriott.”

Kerry & Aron – September 26, 2009

“Thank you so much for your DJ Services at our wedding. We are still hearing from guests how much fun it was and how good the music was. You did a wonderful job. We appreciate your hard work. You made our reception one of the best nights of our lives! Thank you again.”

Pam & Matt – September 19, 2009

“John was great!”

Jane & Nick – June 20, 2009


Nicole & Louis – March 14, 2009

“Our reception was a huge success. Numerous guests stated that this was the best time they’d had at a wedding. John Ciccone was stupendous. He was professional, yet cordial. He kept to the reception schedule and kept the dance floor full all night! The bride and groom enjoyed themselves to the fullest. Kudos for a job well done.”

Jennifer & Patrick – December 31, 2008

“When it came time to choose the music to be played during our reception, we decided to instead let our DJ, John Ciccone, go with his instincts and play whatever he felt the crowd would enjoy. By the end of the night, several of our guests had approached us to compliment our taste in music and thank us for an amazing night of dancing, singing and general good fun. All the credit goes to John; thanks for making our night so memorable and special!”

Shannon & Mark – August 31, 2008

“The service was great and John was very accommodating and helpful throughout the whole night. I enjoyed that he would be sure to keep my husband and I informed on what was happening and going to happen.”

Tami & Steve – August 30, 2008

“I just wanted to say thank you to John Ciccone for an awesome time at our wedding. We were very happy with the turn out. I will highly recommend him to anyone who is getting married. So, again I want to send another special thank you for a very special night!!!!!!”

Rohini & Stephen – July 5, 2008

“John Ciccone was our DJ and he did a phenomenal job handling our crowd and our music. John worked with music that was likely pretty new to him as of about 48 hours before the event, and did such a great job selecting songs that our guests were requesting the playlist so they could use it themselves? I was very impressed, and am grateful for his efforts. Please continue to have your DJs work amicably with your clients. We never felt pressured or uneasy, and John did a great job staying in control.”

Kim & Chris – June 20, 2008

“We’re still in Hawaii loving life but just wanted to say thanks again so much for helping the day to run so smoothly! The music was great! Your control over the evening was fantastic! We also really appreciate your wisdom on how to plan and move the night along! We certainly wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone we know looking for a DJ for their wedding!! Thanks again John!!”

Bridget & Scott – June 6, 2008

“John was an excellent DJ and very easy to work with. Everyone loved him and he really got the crowd dancing. We are so happy that we went with Sounds Abound.”

Andrea & Sudeb – April 26, 2008

“John. Thank you for the great service you provided for our wedding. Thank you for going out of your way to make sure me and my new wife were comfortable. And by the way, thanks for noticing that I did not have a drink and getting me one. We had a great time and my guests commented on the fact that you kept the party going with appropriate music. Thanks again to both of you.”

Brooke & Tim – October 27, 2007

“I just wanted to write about my experience with DJ John and Sounds Abound. John and the whole company were such a pleasure to work with from the very beginning. John did such a great job with the music and my photo montage was wonderful. You guys truly made my day. I have never seen my family have such a great time. John really listened to what we wanted as far as music and I was able to just have a great time at my own wedding without having to stress that other people were having fun. Thank you so much for being honest, nice, and fun people to work with. I would certainly recommend you guys in the future!!!! My wedding was a BLAST!!”

Kristin & Brad – October 19, 2007

“John had a great selection of songs, we really enjoyed it all!!”

Sarah & Chris – October 14, 2007

“I was very pleased with everything. Everybody was very nice and very helpful during everything. You guys were fantastic.”

Kristie & Justin – September 22, 2007

“Our experience with Sounds Abound was absolutely outstanding. Your company went above and beyond to make everything work out for us. John always acted with our best interest, and went out of his way to make sure everything was exactly what we wanted. The day of the wedding, everything went perfect. We greatly appreciated how kind your staff was, as well as how polite and discreet they were throughout the reception. John read the crowd extremely well and checked in with us all night to make sure everything was going smoothly. I would highly recommend him and your company to anyone geting married in the Chicagoland area.”

Katie & Matt – July 28, 2007

“John was amazing. Everyone danced the whole night which is exactly what we wanted. We got so many comments from guests on how they couldn’t believe the dance floor was still packed when the reception ended. John’s music choices were great and he was a lot of fun. He really appealed to all the different age groups that were at the wedding. He made our rception a wonderful time for all.”

Kristen & Douglas – June 2, 2007

“I booked with Sounds Abound for our wedding because my two cousins both chose Sounds Abound and it seemed like the simplest thing to do – they both had fun weddings, and I trusted the company. Everything seemed to go very smoothly as we got started, and I began nosing around your website more to find a DJ and choose songs. After reading the testimonials on your website, I began to wonder if you were “planting” some of those comments – I thought…how could EVERY customer love their DJ so musch?! Well… I can honestly say, as someone who expected good service, but wanted STELLAR service…my expectations were FAR EXCEEDED by the performance of our DJ, John. What a professional, attentive, thorough – PRO. He listened to every word we said, taking into consideration the look and feel of the wedding of our dreams. His quite, non-demanding way of handling the crowd was JUST our style. He got everyone up and dancing and kept it that way all night – using the songs we requested and knowing just when to switch things up a bit. Everything, from his care and concern of our getting the best value out of our evening, to the last minute phone call, confirming the selection of a hard-to-find song – John was on our side, crafting what might quite possibly go down in history as the most fantastic wedding in the history of the world (I’m biased, of course). I wish we could’ve expressed to him our gratitude in person, but hopefully, the tired yet exuberant guests at the end of the night were proof enough to him that he did an outstanding job. I would recommend John to ANYONE without reservation…what a professional – what a great guy. Feel free to add me to your list of “plants” 🙂 I’m happy to serve as a reference.”

Julie & John – May 26, 2007

“We chose Sounds Abound through word of mouth and took a chance, blind…and we couldn’t be more pleased! A lot of our guests commented on how flawless our wedding was and how good the music was. Only thing that was requested with music to John was…we want everyone out on the dance floor dancing, and they were, and so were we!!! My “husband” and I said we had a blast at our own wedding, we didn’t want to stop dancing!!! Thanks John! We would highly recommend John at Sounds Abound!!!”

Debbie & Thomas – December 31, 2006

“John Ciccone was incredible!!!!!! He kept most of the guests on the dance floor past 1:30am!!! He was perfect, all the way through.”

Vicki & Gary – December 30, 2006

“John our DJ was fantastic, we had such an amazing night, he really made our evening party go off with a bang. He was checking that I was OK with the music etc and just knew exactly what to play to get people up dancing. He had a hard one – with us being stiff upper-lipped BRITS!!! But he managed the audience superbly. Thanks.”

Sarah & Joseph – November 25, 2006

“John was a fantastic DJ. He kept the music going all night long! Joe and I were so pleased that the dance floor never cleared all night long! John made our wedding reception so much fun, and calmed our nerves by running us through everything we needed to know. Thank you so much for all your help!”

Tara & Ed – October 20, 2006

“John was absolutely fantastic. He was such a professional at all times – yet we felt like it was one of our old pals MCing the reception. John went above and beyond when he took control of the lighting at the reception, kept the catering staff moving along and even eased our minds when we had a slight “scare” during the evening. Our goal was to actually enjoy our reception and for our guests to have a great time. John made it happen! Thanks for making our night so special.”

Renee & Rick – June 3, 2006

“Everything was absolutely wonderful! From ordering wedding favors, to the photo montage, to John’s outstanding work at the reception, we loved it! We received many compliments on the montage. Ken, thank you for the beautiful work! Also, the dance floor was packed from song one! It’s not often that come the end of the night, 200 of your 250 gusts are still on the dance floor! John was wonderful, our gratitude and thanks!”

Angie & Michael – January 14, 2006

“John was a wonderful DJ. He did everything he could to make sure that Dan and I, as well as our guests, had a great time. He was on time, well dressed, interacted with our guests, and took our requests. Several of our guests asked for contact information for their own weddings, and I have already referred him to several more. The dance floor was packed all night and everyone had a great time. Sounds Abound and John far exceeded our expectations for our DJ. Thank You!

Elizabeth & Reid – October 15, 2005

“John did an outstanding job! Everyone had a great time and the music kept everyone dancing throughout the WHOLE night. Our wedding coordinator at the Country Club where we had our reception said, “We haven’t had a wedding like this with everyone dancing and participating this much in like 15 years.” It was a great success. John is a great asset to the Sounds Abound Team. Thank you John for making it such a perfect day for us.”

Melissa & Chris – September 2, 2005

“John was amazing! We are still receiving compliments on the reception! Especially the dancing. John got everyone on their feet, even the non-dancers. We have already recommended John to 3 other couples who are getting married! John exceeded all of our expectations for a wedding DJ. He made me feel relaxed and informed me my only job was to enjoy myself, which I did! I was so sad when he told us it was the last song! John, thank you for a wonderful wedding!”

Talene & Mark – August 14, 2005

“John was amazing. He was very kind and attentive to our needs. He never rushed us along and really let the night move very smoothly. He was a pleasure to have.”

Amanda & Dennis – July 30, 2005

“People just keep telling us that our wedding reception was the best party they have ever been to! John was fantastic. Our guests were all dancing up until the lights came on!! Thanks so much for making our wedding so memorable. Keep up the great work!”

Keila & Peter – July 23, 2005

“John came early as promised. He acted as a complete gentleman and was dressed and groomed very well. He tried to be as helpful and accommodating as possible and made good recommendations prior to the event. He was perfect for our needs.”

Regina & Jason – June 17, 2005

“Everything that we discussed with John before the wedding played out perfectly the evening of the event. the dance floor was packed all night. We couldn’t have been happier with John. Thanks for helping to make our wedding a success! We would feel completely comfortable recommending John & Sounds Abound to others!”

Dawn & David – December 31, 2004

“Your services more than met our expectations. We were extremely happy with the entire process from help in the office to John’s work the day of our wedding. He met with us to get a feeling of what we wanted from our reception and did a fantastic job. He was very helpful and knew exactly what music to play to keep people out on the dance floor and having a great time. Many of our guests have commented on what a great DJ he was. Dave and I are very pleased with your services and thankful John was able to DJ our wedding. Thanks.”

Krystin & Dan – October 16, 2004

“Everyone danced all night. My parents never left the floor. The music was perfect for the people who attended the wedding and John was a wonderful DJ.”

Shelly & Scott – July 31, 2004

“I will refer you guys to anyone that I know is engaged or getting married. John was awesome. Everyone danced all night. Everyone had a GREAT time. Thanks again for such a memorable wedding!”

Denise & Robert – July 10, 2004

“Everyone enjoyed the variety of music played. We more of less let John play whatever he wanted to keep things going. John was a great guy and helped keep the events moving. He even called us a day or so before the wedding to make sure nothing (songs, events, times) had changed in the week since we spoke originally. John C. is a GREAT asset to Sounds Abound.”

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