Mike Macie

Sounds Abound DJ and Master of Ceremonies
Mike Macie

Mike's Bio

As a DJ who has dedicated a career to music and entertainment, I want you to feel assured from our first email to the last song of the night that I will do all I can to ensure your event is a success. Back in 2006, I happened upon the opportunity to Dj a local club. With my knowledge of rock and roll, I helped cultivate a nightlight for the venue. With this experience, I got to learn and widen my music taste, as well as my perspective. Come 2007, I jumped at the opportunity to do private events. Sounds Abound was that opportunity. I learned the basics of weddings and corporate events but always felt more could be done. I wanted the nights to be more interesting and tuned to the people I was helping. In 2011, I regrouped and found myself back in the nightlife on a nightly basis. Cultivating friends and followers made djing fun again. Doing private and public events was a mix that kept things fresh and interesting. I made friends with some of the best DJs Chicago has to offer and learned what keeps a dance floor going in the bars, clubs, and private venues. Coming back to private events full time has been a joy. With new experiences every night and a vast music knowledge to turn up the dance floor it has been fun to sculpt every event to the couple I host for. Whether the client has wanted a peaceful evening of sitting back and just letting the dance floor go, or wants to micromanage their song choices, every night is fresh and interesting. From country to jazz, Oldies to hip hop, I hope to sculpt a night to taste so everyone remember not the DJ, but those whose big day they are celebrating.Thank you for stopping by and I hope to see you on the dancefloor.

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