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Vincenzo Marrone

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Hello, my name is Vincenzo Marrone! I have been with Sounds Abound since March 2012 and have enjoyed every minute working with my fellow DJs. I started as a DJ mixer/Apprentice as a senior in high school and have grown to become accustomed to all music. I’ve worked multiple weddings, Mitzvahs & fundraisers and have learned many things while mixing for almost every DJ here. This has taught me what to do in order to keep your night filled with excitement. Im a big fan of Soul and Classic Rock but Have a huge artillery of everything in between. One thing that I am certain of is that your night is meant to be all about you and your expectations. I strongly believe that THE BRIDE AND GROOM COME FIRST. That being said, I will make sure that I know you well enough before hand so i can make your night special to you. Im naturally outgoing and very easy to talk to. Your concerns are my concerns and i will make sure to give you peace of mind, energy all night on the dance floor as well as a night you will never forget. Thank you for taking the time to consider me as your master of ceremonies and I am looking forward to speaking with you in the future! Now let’s have some fun!

What Clients Say About Vincenzo

Put your mind at ease and dance the night away!

Finding a DJ was the easiest part for our wedding. Sounds Abound hosted an event at their office where we got to meet all the DJs. Oddly, we chose a DJ that was not in that day but we had a chance to see his work in videos and to chat on the phone several times. Vincenzo was fantastic - the rest of the staff were great at handling the contracts and details. And the night of - Vincenzo was totally on top of keeping us on time, as well as flexible when dynamics popped up once in a while. He is incredibly sweet, and really kept the music flowing. We had a great crowd and he kept it lively until we closed the reception for the night!

Ankica and Christopher
September 1, 2019

Vincenzo was AMAZING!

My wife and I requested to have Vincenzo Marrone, DJ our wedding. We couldn't have been happier that he did. Vincenzo was very professional, and met with Megan and myself at the beginning of the reception to make sure that everything was still good to go for what we had discussed prior. He double checked on how to pronounce all the names involved to make sure no one was offended or put off. While we gave him plenty of music to play the whole night, he swapped some in and out that complemented the rest of the playlist perfectly. There wasn't a single song that out of place. Vincenzo did a fantastic job of keeping everyone dancing. The night was amazing.

Jeremy and Megan
September 29, 2018

I am so glad we went with Sounds Abound for our wedding! We highly recommend Vince as he was the perfect DJ for our group. He gave us a call about a week before our wedding to get to know us and learn what types of music we liked. Vince and his partner were troopers, entertaining in the 100 degree heat while creating the most incredible night for us. Despite the high temps they managed to keep everyone dancing. We politely asked him to keep the mic time to a minimum. He was great at introducing our bridal party into the reception, announcing speeches, cake cutting, first dances and then left the rest of the night to playing the best music. They mixed the perfect songs together and it kept everyone on the dance floor wanting more!

Emmalie and Jeff
June 30, 2018

Amazing! Wonderful! Professional!

We used Sounds Abound for our wedding on March 25, 2017 and our MC/DJ Vincenzo Marrone was awesome! Vince had our guests engaged and dancing all night long. We couldn't be happier with Sounds Abound and would highly recommend them to everyone for their special day. Great job Sounds Abound!!!

Rick and Christina Natalino
March 25, 2017


Sounds Abound did an awesome job! We were really unorganized and last minute with giving them our plans but they didn't mind! We did not give the DJ any music we wanted to play or did not want to play and we still had a great time and our guests danced all night. Vince was great with song requests. I was very pleased with everything!

Jenine and Daniel
October 29, 2016

Thanks for running the party Vincenzo!

We know that the DJ portion of a wedding can make or break a night and heard wonderful things about Sounds Abound. After seeing them at a wedding prior to ours we were convinced their people know how to organize a night.

We were paired with Vincenzo who was extremely helpful and willing to work with whatever we needed. After meeting with him he showed his knowledge of music and how to run an evening with an attention to detail and calm demeanor. He fit every need of our music taste while giving us the reassurance of keeping the party going til the end. He hit it out of the park with how well everything went during that day from the organization of the evening to the music that organically grew to match our guests needs.

Aside from the professionalism that Vincenzo showed he was also caring and helpful during the process. I can count multiple times that he stopped by to check in on us to see if we needed anything. I even think he brought me a drink! He is a stand up individual that made it more than just a professional doing his job.

Steve and Kelly
July 15, 2016

Vince was AMAZING

We chose Vince because he was extremely nice when we went to the open house. He was excited to do our wedding and it definitely was the best decision. There was not a moment throughout the whole night that people were not dancing. His song selection was fantastic since we did not provide him very much to work with haha. Overall he kept the flow of the wedding moving without being annoying and every person I talked to said that he was one of the best DJ's they had seen at a wedding. Vince overall did an AMAZING job and I would recommend him to anyone!

James and Kelly Sutherland
July 2, 2016

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