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Sounds Abound Presents:
Game Show Mania & Survey Says

Game Show Mania

Survey Says

Game Shows for Entertainment

Game Show Mania and Survey Says are the ultimate TV-style interactive trivia shows, perfect for corporate events, rehearsal dinners, bridal showers, or just about any other type of event. Customize the games however you want: we can ask questions related to pop culture (television, movies, music, sports, etc.) or we will tailor the questions to your event – birthday, mitzvah, wedding reception or rehearsal dinner. Whether you choose our Jeopardy-style or Feud-style game show, your experienced Sounds Abound Game Show Host will keep your guests laughing (and thinking!) the whole time.

Game Shows for Training and Education

At Sounds Abound, we have the perfect tool to help your company with Product Knowledge Reinforcement. How do you know if your trainees are really understanding and retaining your training content? Now you can find out what they know in real time using the most engaging group assessment games ever: Game Show Mania and Survey Says.

You come up with questions relevant to your business, whether from employee policies or manuals, technical questions about the products or services you sell, questions regarding proper safety procedures, etc. We’ll ask those questions during the game, and even mix in our own questions just to keep people on their toes. We have extensive experience in producing game show training sessions, and we will work with your company to create a fun training experience for your employees.