Tony Ho was absolutely amazing!!! We wanted everyone at our wedding to be dancing the night away, so picking a great DJ was our number one priority. Tony definitely delivered. We loved Tony so much that if he ever decided to go wild and pull all-nighters, we would hire him for a full 24 hours so that he could DJ the after party and next morning brunch as well. Before officially booking Tony, we interviewed several different DJs and Tony was the clear winner. He was personable and the perfect amount of hype while not taking the center of attention away from my husband and me. He also was one of the only DJs we interviewed who made us and our music taste feel heard as a couple. My husband and I’s taste is a little all over the place and we also wanted to appeal to the older folks at our wedding as well. Tony listened and interpreted our style perfectly. Beyond that, many DJs have an online portal for planning purposes. Since we interviewed a lot of DJs, we saw a lot of different portals. Tony’s was up-to date with the times, had song suggestions, and was very easy to use. For all of the special songs we requested, Tony did a great job at making sure the right people were on the dance floor. I loved that he had an assistant who was able to come and find me for special dances instead of summoning me over the speakers. We also had 3 different locations that we needed music for: the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. Tony did a great job at setting up at all 3 locations on time and smoothly. Peace, Love, Tony