The engagement period for soon to be married couples is a hectic time–there is the finding of a venue, the search for the perfect dress, the mathematics of matching the number of bridesmaids to the number of groomsmen, and not to mention how did our guest list get so big and this one day is going to cost how much!?!?

Erik and I went through all of this and more, just like every other couple. When it came to planning music for our day, we considered the preprogramed i-pod and asking a friend to spearhead the event…and I am so happy we changed our minds and met with Gregg at Sounds Abound.

Our MC, Gregg, was able to take charge and gave all of our friends a chance to enjoy our wedding. Gregg was experienced, and knew how to pace the day.

Gregg met with Erik and I at his office, listened to us, and never over sold us on a single thing. He embraced our love of movie music and hockey by making sure he had the Blackhawks goal song and buzzer noise when the boys at the Madhouse on Madison scored a goal. One of my favorite parts of the day was having movie music scores during dinner. All of our guests loved guessing what movie the music was from and was a great “icebreaker” for those seated with those who didn’t know one another. Gregg had an amazing range of movie music to choose from. Anything we requested, he had.

Gregg was fantastic at communication. For example, on the day of when I wanted to change our “cake song” and “garter toss” song, Gregg didn’t miss a beat. He always checked his email and cell phone.

Gregg worked at our ceremony site and at the reception. His turnaround time was impeccable.

Thank you Gregg and Sounds Abound!