Matt Ammons did a wonderful job at my wedding! He took the time to get the tricky Arabic names down pat, was helpful with last minute changes, and ensured smooth transitions throughout the night. He knew when to play a slow song to give the young crowd a break and let the older couples take the dance floor, then got everyone dancing afterwards with classic old songs like Shout! And the Twist. When a song we requested did not go over with the crowd he played it long enough to give my husband and I time to show off our moves but short enough to get back to a song that everyone enjoyed. We had an amazing time and many people came up to us or our parents remarking how this was the most fun wedding they had ever attended. Even weeks later people we don’t even know or who weren’t at the wedding are telling us how they heard our wedding was spectacular from our common friends. Thank you Sounds Abount and Matt Ammons for making our special day even better!