We booked Sounds Abound about a week before our wedding when we panicked and realized that the IPod DJ thing was completely stressing us out. We worked with Rufus. In the week that we had him, I had multiple hour long conversations with him where he ran through every detailed question that would make our wedding work. I didnt have answers to many of the questions, and asked him for help coming up with ideas. He was completely ok with this and we used his suggested songs for a number of the exits & entrances. He was also very calm and balanced when another vendor sent an email that was mildly insulting to him. He did not react at all (even though I was somewhat outraged on his behalf) but had a productive conversation with the other vendor. On the day of, everything went smoothly and he read our crowd very well. When he asked if he should play some of the Russian music I had provided, I said no, thinking that my friends and family were kinda done dancing. A little later, as the dance floor was dying down, he decided to play it anyway, and I was absolutely wrong – it brought everyone to the dance floor. Overall, the experience was outstanding esp. given the short notice and I absolutely never regretted going the route of having a full DJ experience.