Our DJ was David Wilner. We specifically asked Sounds Abound for him as we heard a lot of great things about him from other sources. We were not disappointed. David was exactly what we were looking for in a DJ. He knows his music and how to read a crowd to keep the party going. We specifically asked him not play play certain songs that a lot of people might consider wedding reception classics (YMCA, mambo 5, cha cha slide, etc.) knowing that many DJ’s rely on these songs to entertain all age groups, but David said he didn’t need them to make a great party. He was right. He kept the party going ALL NIGHT LONG. All age groups were on the dance floor throughout the night and when people started getting a little tired he was right there ready to switch to a slower song to give people a break. He played every song we requested and even offered to personally purchase any song Sounds Abound didn’t already have in their vast collection. David and his assistant (who was also just as awesome) showed up professionally dressed for the occasion and ready to go. Their equipment was completely set up before guests even started to arrive and was very organized and tidy (no cables running all over the place to trip on, etc.) We setup a diner table for him close to his equipment and he was ready to go before the next part of our evening. Close to the end of the night he found us in the crowd and asked if there was anything he didn’t cover or if we had any last requests and all we had to say was, “keep it going just like you have been.” My wife and i (and all our guests) were highly impressed and would recommend David to anyone who asks.