Greg was the DJ at my March, 2014 wedding and we were very, very happy with him. My husband and I are in our forties with five children between us, three of them teenagers. The children were allowed to invite friends to our wedding, so between relatives, friends and the children’s friends we had guests of all ages. There were probably 20 teenagers, and the only time they left the dance floor the entire evening was when Greg played “Bizarre Love Triangle” which was one of my requests! It was hilarious because when the song came on all of the 35-50 year-olds were immediately on the dance floor. Anyway, it’s a testament to Greg’s flexibility and skill as a DJ that he was able to keep everyone happy and dancing during the entire reception. I was so busy and flustered in the weeks leading up to the wedding that I really hadn’t given him much direction, but he pulled ideas from our one conversation and really hit the nail on the head. One highlight that stands out is that I’d mentioned my love of Disney movies. The first song that he played after he announced that the buffet was open was “Be Our Guest.” It was a very cute, but not overdone, way to incorporate a touch of Disney. Several people commented on it. In summary, I recommend Greg without hesitation!