I wanted to thank your company and particularly DJ Craig. My sister Maggie’s wedding was in October of last year and it went phenomenally well.
DJ Craig helped my pull off a surprise for my sister’s speech and as I said on yelp, he helped me in ways I didn’t realize I needed. I’m a little deaf and I never thought to ask to make sure the volume was up high so I could hear it, but he did it without my asking.
He was also very discrete. I was able to surprise everyone at the reception. He gave me a very nice compliment afterwards and I wish I had remembered to thank him right then. It was a wonderful wedding in no small part because of the music.
The happy couple are still together and we’re all still talking about what a great day it was.
Thank you for being part of it. It was nice that with all the worrying going on beforehand, we didn’t have to worry about the entertainment.
Craig, thanks for having my back!