I cannot praise our DJ, Craig, enough; he was an amazing DJ, and we could not have been happier with him. We are still receiving compliments from our wedding guests about how great of a job Craig did.

Throughout the planning process, Craig was very attentive and engaged; he wanted to make certain that he knew the type of atmosphere that we wanted on our wedding day as well as the type of music that we wanted to be played. He was also very flexible with meeting times which we greatly appreciated.

On the wedding day, Craig was truly outstanding; he did a wonderful job of understanding the crowd and the right songs to be played at the moment; he is a natural at his job. We had over 200 guests at our wedding, and for a majority of the night, most of the guests were on the dance floor. I have never seen so many people dancing at a wedding.

Overall, Craig was very accommodating and understanding; we would highly recommend him to other couples, and we will keep him in mind for future events.