We got married in the beginning of February and we had Kyle Overbey as our DJ. We wanted to make sure that there was a good mix of new and old music for all of our wedding guests. Kyle KILLED IT! Everyone was on the dance floor the entire night. He played such a good mixture of music and made sure not to play any on my do not playlist. There were guests on the dance floor that we never imagined dancing! Our wedding ended at midnight with the song “Friends in Low Places” and I couldn’t believe how many people were still on the dance floor. We also had a photo booth from sounds abound. Every time we went back by the photo booth there were always people in it. It was a huge hit, especially with all of the fun props. The next day, we went to lunch with our friends and family and everyone could not stop talking about how great the music and photo booth were. Kyle and his team were amazing and made our wedding reception a success!!