You never think when you are planning a wedding how integral the DJ is. Usually the first priority is booking your venue and photographer and getting your wedding dress. My sister and I both got married this year 6 months apart so we were using the same vendors for both weddings. She had booked her DJ with Admit 1 DJ and her wedding turned into a complete disaster because of the DJ. I had also booked Admit 1 for my wedding in December 2018. However, after I saw what happened at my sister’s wedding in July. I knew I had to find another company. I searched on yelp and the name Sounds Abound came up and I kept seeing the name Tony Ho come up in many reviews. So I met with the company and I was amazed at how genuine this company was. They don’t require you to pay everything up front and they also say you can cancel within 2 weeks of your wedding and get all your money back. Below is the letter I just emailed Tony (my DJ).

Hi Tony,

I wanted to say a huge thank you to you for making our big day run so smoothly. When I first walked into Sounds Abound, I was skeptical because I had such a terrible experience with the other DJ company. Thank you for your phone meetings and email correspondences throughout the last few months. You really made me feel much more comfortable and at ease about my wedding day. I can tell that you looked at the playlist I had created and I remember hearing several songs that I loved all throughout the night. Thank you for being so nice about taking requests from everyone in our family. Our dance floor was packed the entire night which was what I was really hoping for. You did an outstanding job and I heard so many compliments all throughout the night on the music. Thank you so much in making our day go so smoothly.