To put it briefly, there are not enough positive things that I could say about Larry Merkel and Sounds Abound. I doubt anything I can say here will do either the company or Larry justice, but I’ll do my best.

First off, the set up. It was not a particularly easy venue, and required multiple setups, (both indoor and outdoors) and utilization of the venue’s speaker system for a section of the night. If any of that phased Larry, he certainly didn’t show it. He arrived early and was a consummate professional. In 90 plus degree heat, he provided the music for the ceremony flawlessly.

But the reception was where he shined. We knew from other wedding attendances that typically people enjoy the music and dance for a small amount of time, but eventually the dance floor clears and people move on to drinking, chatting, or they just leave.

Not our show. Larry kept the energy high and kept our guests dancing from, quite literally, the first song to the last. I have honestly never attended a wedding where the dance floor was so busy for the entire event.

I wish I could offer constructive criticism or at least some area for improvement – truthfully, I have none. I was approached by three soon-to-be brides who demanded Larry’s information. I hope I’ll be seeing him again soon.