We saw them at a wedding expo and were recommended them through our venue. We were given a list of DJs to choose from, and we chose Ray Jones. The process to start was pretty easy and almost everything was organized on their website. We were given our own login for our site. On our site there was a questionnaire to fill out and music selections with the ability to listen to the songs. We set a night aside and had fun listening to music and setting up our playlist songs that were musts and ones to not play. We filled out a questionnaire laying out what we most think of for a typical wedding (first dance, bouquet toss, etc.) as well as basic information about your wedding party. The best part was you can just save it and come back to it all, until two weeks prior to your event. He was a very good DJ constantly changing the music to keep the energy up. He would engage the crowd and try to keep the party moving.