We wanted to send a thank you for spending your day with us and allowing us to have the BEST day ever. I know your set up started early in the afternoon, and your efforts did not stop until the end! I admit, I was a bit taken aback by the sudden risk of rain (when it wasn’t predicted all weekend or during the day!). I KNOW you worked with our coordinator and David, the officiant, to make the sound system outside work. It ended up being the most perfect ceremony, thank you. The intros and speeches went off without a hitch! (even my mother who gave the most on-par speech for her). Thank you for making our mother daughter dance exactly what I had envisioned. Finally, the dance floor! It is always my favorite part of weddings, and you helped our guests of all ages have something to dance to. There are so many great memories I have of the dance floor, from Elton John to seeing all my silly girlfriends sing along to Celine Dion. Neighbors said goodbye to me and then I see them dancing 15 minutes later, saying they couldn’t leave yet because they had to dance to “play that funky music”. Also the Schumacher aunts ( health issues/ walkers and all!) got up on the dance floor. Ryans aunt said it was the first time she has seen her husband dance in so many years. Can’t forget my 96 year old great Aunt dancing in her chair as well.

Thank you for being so organized and professional. We had such a fun day, thanks to you!