Don’t look anywhere else…Sounds Abound is the one!

Since my wedding, I have heard SO MANY compliments on our DJ, David Wilner. I was told numerous times that he was the best DJ anyone ever experienced at a wedding and how the mix of music was perfect for both the younger and older crowd.

Sounds Abound was first recommended to us by our venue, Seven Bridges Golf Club. After reviewing their site and finding out that they work at our venue often, I knew I wanted to meet with them. Our first meeting was great, they are so professional and have so many tools for you to utilize to help you craft your day just as you would like.

We chose David Wilner to be our DJ – pick David! He is absolutely amazing. My now husband and I went into our meeting with him a few weeks before the wedding with not very strong opinions on the music front. David picked our brains to see what we liked and we filled out the online portal with some of our choices and he filled in the rest. My main concern was having some music for everyone while keeping our dance floor full. David did a fantastic job. Ladies, let me tell you, your DJ runs the night, you want to make sure you have someone experienced and knows what they are doing. David was outstanding. As the bride, he checked in with me numerous times throughout the night letting me know when things needed to be done (announcements, speeches, introductions, dinner, dancing – you name it, he was on top of it). He was on our side the whole time, but took all of our guests requests into consideration and protected us from any requests he knew we wouldn’t want playing. He is so kind and fun, I cannot recommend him enough. As more and more of my friends are becoming engaged, I will definitely be sending them to David and the Sounds Abound team!