Gregg is an excellent DJ–fantastic! This was actually the second time he has DJed for my family (and several of my cousins have also used different DJs from Sounds Abound). Gregg did such a great job at my sister’s wedding in 2012, that there was no reason to even shop around by the time we started planning our wedding. We called Sounds Abounds and asked for Gregg, and booked him right away.

He worked with us and played all the songs we requested. He even had suggestions for the order of a couple songs because he said in his experience it would get more poeple on the dance floor–and it definitely seemed to work, because the dance floor was full. Once the dancing started, the only time the dance floor was empty was when everyone went outside to watch Fourth of July fireworks, but Gregg still kept the music going outside via a wireless speaker and played some festive Fourth of July music :).

The music may have been the best part of the reception (except for the company of course :)), but everyone was dancing and everyone stayed to the end of the party (we had around 120 guests-I think only 3 of them left an hour early)! It’s been over 2 months since our wedding and guests are still telling us what a “rockin'” party it was–literally that it was one of the best weddings, if not the best, that they’d ever been to, and many of them specifically sited the music “one good song after another…5 good songs in a row..couldn’t take a break!” I credit a lot of that to Gregg for setting the atmosphere and keeping it going with the music (I’d give second credit to the shape and set up of the Hotel Baker’s Rainbow Room, where the dance floor is huge and in the center of everything–but if the music isn’t good, people aren’t going to want to be out there anyways). There is definitely proof of all this through our wedding pictures too. You can see how much fun everyone was having–lot’s of great action shots, smiles, laughing and tons of people on the dance floor!

Thank you so much Gregg for making our day perfect 🙂

Sarah & Luis