When I first went into Sounds Abound, I had one request. I needed a DJ who could blend songs really well to the point where you cannot even notice the transition. I love music and music is my life. I judge pretty harshly on people who fail to do music justice (I have also had terrible experiences with DJs before, too). Rufus, the guy I spoke to recommended Matt Ammons right away. Thankfully he was available on the day of my wedding. Now, I have no words to describe how amazing Matt is! This man is nothing less than perfect. Not just with the music, but just in general as a person. I got sent the form to fill out online and I tried to fill it out. School kept getting in the way and a bunch of other wedding things on top of way too many family and personal problems. By the time it came for me to finally meet with Matt (4 days before the wedding), I think I only had the names of people listed and some songs for the ceremony… and the information he had was no longer up to date. So not only was my paperwork that Matt needed for my wedding unfinished, I was also late to showing up with meeting him. Most people would be frustrated and very short with you, but Matt was so understanding, accommodating, relaxed, and just a happy, fun guy. We sat down and got a lot of the details updated and fixed and went over everything else that was important for my wedding to be a success. I felt bad for this guy at this point because I was so vague with my music requests. All I wanted was the top hits from the 60s-present, then after about 10pm to just play the current stuff. I had family of all ages (4-89) and wanted no one to feel left out when dancing. I think the only real request I made was telling Matt that there was no such thing as too much Backstreet Boys. And even still, that was a vague request. For the next 4 days, Matt and I stayed in contact to update any last minute changes or to answer any last minute questions. He was on point with everything since I met him. He knows his job and he does it well.
Come the day of the wedding, I was on the verge of breaking down. Not due to wedding stress or anything. Everything was perfect. There were some personal issues, and family members on my husband’s side, who did not like me, were being really rude to me and trying to make me cry. Aside from my amazing photographer who had me laughing, Matt helped by being super sweet and having a constant smile on his face, which made everyone around want to smile, especially me. The ceremony and reception went smoothly with the music. The dance floor was not empty, but I do wish more people were dancing. Granted out of the 300+ people I invited, only 50 or so showed, so the floor was going to look a little empty anyway. By about 9:30p, many people who had kids or who were over 40 left. There were maybe 15 people left for the last 2 ½ hours. Matt did a great job keeping people on the dance floor even though there was practically nobody there. He is so awesome at what he does that I even had 2 wedding crashers stop by because his DJing skills were just that bomb.
I would definitely hire Matt again for whatever party occasion I may eventually have in the future. He is such a personable guy and we hit it off really well. There is nothing I love more than knowing you came out of an event with a possible new friend. If you want someone who will treat your day with care, then you need to hire Matt for your day. He gets a 10/10 on every level. No if, ands, or buts!