Our softball org holds a banquet every year for over two hundered people, more than half of them kids from 5-18. In past years, once dinner is over, the kids mostly disengage from the event. NOT THIS YEAR!!! From my very first meeting with David, I knew his goals for the event matched mine and he really delivered. He had many great suggestions for the flow of the event and kept everything on time. He and his two assistants had the kids attention from the second they walked in the door with games, dancing, prizes and music. All of the adults were on the dance floor too, having a fantastic time with their kids. I had so many compliments on his team that I lost count of them all. The head of our organization personally approached him after the event to make sure he was available for next year and my fourteen year old daughter even admitted it was really fun! If you are planning a large event that involves many children of all ages, I could not recommend David more highly, he is worth every penny.