I can not say enough wonderful things about Tony Ho and the company!!! They were so easy to work with and Tony Ho did a fantastic job. We got married about a month ago and our family and friends are still raving about how awesome he was!

Tony made our wedding night celebration a night to remember. When we spoke with him on a few days before our wedding, we only knew a few things but had a VERY open playlist. We told him we just want music that will get people of all ages on the dance floor. Let me tell you, he did just that! We had every member at our wedding come on the dance floor at least once! We even gave him confetti poppers to pop off when that timing was right on the dance floor. Again, let me tell you, he nailed it!!

Not only was music selection and DJing wonderful, Tony Ho did a fantastic job with transitions for our wedding night. There was not awkward pauses or switches between speeches, formal dances, introductions, etc. He was was phenomenal!

I would 100% recommend this company, especially Tony Ho for future events. You will NOT regret it.