Tony Ho did a fantastic job! In preparing for the wedding we probably had more song suggestions and do not plays than the norm- but Tony was very helpful & worked with us the entire way leading up to the event. He really listened to our choices & also added more selections that kept with our tastes and the different backgrounds of our guests! Even during dinner- I had people come up to us at the head table to tell us HOW AWESOME the music was- in fact I had people keep asking us when the dancing was going to start because they were already excited by the dinner music. When the dance portion of the evening started- EVERYONE got on the dance floor and this continued until the end of the night. Everyone- even my 85 year old grandma- danced the night away! People have asked us for the playlist! People we have never seen dance and people who claimed they had never danced at weddings before were getting down! During the night, the next day & the days that followed- people have called me, my husband & my parents to say that the reception was awesome & they still have blisters on their feet from all the dancing. Tony Ho definitely helped make our wedding reception a true celebration!