We couldn’t have imagined a more perfect wedding day – and Gregg and the Sounds Abound team made it all possible. We experienced a Sounds Abound wedding for the first time back in December 2013; Gregg and the team actually DJed my brother and sister in law’s wedding! We loved the style and the command Gregg had with the crowd, so making our decision was easy.

Fast forward to our wedding – from the initial booking process to the final, magical day, Gregg and the Sounds Abound team were an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only did Gregg spend a ton of time with me on the phone going over my questions (late into the evenings after work, on his personal cell, no less!) but he really took the time to listen to what was important to us and work with us to create the vision we had in mind. The team went above and beyond in every aspect.

We also used Sounds Abound for acoustics for the wedding ceremony (we had a micced officiant and an instrumental duet at our outdoor ceremony) and they took care of everything; working with our musicians and the venue to make sure we were covered.

One of my most favorite parts of the ceremony (out of 50,000 or more!) was our introduction – Riley and I are huge fans of EDM music. We thought it would be awesome to walk into Red Lights by Tiesto. Gregg worked with us to make the timing happen perfectly. A small detail, but it added to the rest of the magic of the day.

Thank you to you and your team!