We got married 1 week ago today. We were in contact with Sounds Abound and our DJ, Kyle Overbey for over a year. I am a person that tends to read testimonials and brush them off. If you want a great company to work with, I promise you this is it. Their website is incredible, you are able to have a must play list of 20 songs and a do not play list and our DJ Kyle followed it to a T. He even approached us when a song on our do not play list was requested to get the yay or nay on it (we ended up playing it) but it was just the small stuff like that and our dance floor was full the entire night. He knew when to play the requested songs, he knew to hold off on the newer younger party songs til later in the night, everything was just very smooth and very impressive. The guy absolutely crushed it and made our night incredible. Going into a wedding and planning everyone I know stresses over the DJ and whether or not your “crew” will enjoy it and actually dance- I promise you that this is the company to go with and Kyle is your guy. A great experience and our friends and family told us all week they had 0 complaints about songs and it just made the night that much more special. His assistants and the photobooth crew did an excellent job as well!