We got married on February 21st, 2014.

A few months before the event, we stumbled across Sounds Abound. Right from the start, we were thrilled with the excellent service we received. After my initial email, we heard back within hours, and were able to schedule a meeting.

My husband, Chad (fiancĂ© at the time) and I both loved the event planner on the website, and the fact that we could create our own ‘Do Not Play’ list, as well as must play songs, and other songs we liked.

When we met shortly before our wedding (about a week) with our DJ, Kyle Overbey, we felt even better!!
We are not the most ‘traditional’ people, and our musical tastes are not what are normally played at weddings. Kyle assured us that he would be able to play the music we like, but still conducive to dancing.

At our reception, I’m sure it seemed a little strange. We had a strange mix of people, and only a handful of young dancers. Kyle and his assistant (not sure if I ever got the assistant’s name) were FANTASTIC. Even though we didn’t have a ‘super dancing’ crowd, we had a handful of people on the dance floor most of the night.
Now it is only 11 days after the wedding, and I have already had THREE different relatives compliment me on the music played during cocktails and dinner, and on the dance floor as well.

Kyle did a great job of playing the music we prefer, but also reading our crowd….which I must say was likely a difficult crowd to read.

I will recommend Sounds Abound (as well as Kyle) to anyone who asks!!

We had a great wedding, and a great reception, and much of that was because of our DJ! He offered great service even after seeing my white girl dance moves (trust me, they make me look like I am having seizures on the dance floor!)