We were lucky enough to have DJ Kyle Overbey from Sounds Abound for our entire wedding day. He was our ceremony musician as well as reception DJ. He did much more than those two titles lead on, he coordinated when things would happen, and told people the plan, so that I, the Bride on my wedding day, didn’t have to do crowd control or announcements. Kyle gave me suggestions on music throughout the planning process, he really got to know my fiance and I’s music interests before hand, and was just a delight throughout the night. A week later, I was with a group of friends, and they were all commenting to me on how amazing the music was at the end of the night especially, and asked if I had requested that be done. I said no, and told them what DJ Kyle told me – “just trust me, I am a people reader, reading the crowd and playing the music they want to hear is my job.” My friends were amazed!!! Thank you, Kyle and Sounds Abound for a night we will never forget!