Matt Ammons was our DJ for our wedding and he was the perfect DJ, MC, and leader who made sure everything ran smoothly at our reception. Examples of Matt’s awesomeness include…

•Matt provided music for our ceremony and our reception. He met with us multiple times and was easy to communicate with. When we had ideas he listened and incorporated our wishes into what he was doing. When we didn’t have a preference he had the perfect suggestion for our event.

•Guests told us weeks after the wedding how great the DJ was and tried to get him for theirs. In fact people are still reminding us of our reception and our DJ, and it was more than 5 weeks ago.

•How packed the dance floor was. It seemed like every hour more people kept coming in to dance. Matt tailored what he played so that everybody had a good time, and wanted to be on the dance floor.

•Also, if you have Matt or any other DJ, remember to feed them. They need to eat just like everybody else.

•Long story short, if you want an amazing, hassle free evening filled with excellent music, a packed dance floor, and a professionally run event, Sounds Abound and Matt Ammons should be the DJ of your choice.

PS. In the photo, Matt is on the left with the vest.