I was looking for a DJ for our wedding on May 20, 2016, so I put a feeler post out on Facebook and asked my friends if anyone had any DJ suggestions. As it turns out I received an abundant of suggestions and the one DJ that kept coming up a lot was Sounds Abound. As it turns out, my sister had used Sounds Abound at her wedding back in 1999 and I always had thought that DJ was fabulous! So, considering I already had a family testimonial for the quality of DJ services I was looking for, we chose to call them.

Sounds Abound was extremely easy to work with and we had a lot of special requests that required coordination with our groomsman as we had some out of the box entertainment at our wedding, but Sounds Abound most definitely rose to the occasion and were very helpful and willing to go above and beyond to make our special day even that much for unique and spectacular.

The music at our reception was fantastic and everyone I speak with that attended our wedding had such a great time dancing as everyone knows the MUSIC is what makes a great wedding!

Thank you Sounds Abound and Kyle for a most memorable wedding and making my dream wedding everything I had always dreamed it would be.

Warmest Regards,
Kelly Myers