We dealt with the Sounds Abound office at the very beginning and they were an absolute delight to work with. He made my husband and I feel so comfortable and he listened to what we wanted. Unfortunately due to covid we had to change our DJ a few times and ended up with Tony Ho who we were ecstatic to hear was available for our new date! He immediately reached out to me via email, gave me his phone number and the run down of everything. He set up a time to talk on the phone and go over details more in depth. My husband and I have completely opposite tastes in music so I found instrumentals of metal songs and asked for those to be played throughout the ceremony/cocktail hour/dinner. Tony had no issues whatsoever playing them for me and even welcomed the idea! He made me feel less crazy about it. He played all our top songs and introduced our wedding party just like we asked. He was so personable and down to earth. He had so many people on the dance floor for HOURS. I do not dance, you can ask anyone and I even told Tony this. I was probably on that dance floor most of the night. He made it a very memorable night and we are so lucky to have had him be our DJ.