We know that the DJ portion of a wedding can make or break a night and heard wonderful things about Sounds Abound. After seeing them at a wedding prior to ours we were convinced their people know how to organize a night.

We were paired with Vincenzo who was extremely helpful and willing to work with whatever we needed. After meeting with him he showed his knowledge of music and how to run an evening with an attention to detail and calm demeanor. He fit every need of our music taste while giving us the reassurance of keeping the party going til the end. He hit it out of the park with how well everything went during that day from the organization of the evening to the music that organically grew to match our guests needs.

Aside from the professionalism that Vincenzo showed he was also caring and helpful during the process. I can count multiple times that he stopped by to check in on us to see if we needed anything. I even think he brought me a drink! He is a stand up individual that made it more than just a professional doing his job.