When I was looking around for a DJ for my wedding I stumbled across Sounds Abound by chance. I am very glad that happened.

When we had our initial visit with Sounds Abound we met with Kyle Overbey. We were immediately impressed by how informative he was. We could tell he was a “pro”. Sounds Abound has videos of their DJs on the website. You can watch the videos and get a feel for how the DJs work. We watched them all. We decided to go with Kyle Overbey based on our meeting and the video on the website. Luckily for us he was available for our date. Kyle was very easy to get a hold of and responded to any questions in a timely manner. He met with us a few times to get things exactly how we wanted them to be.

We booked the DJ for the ceremony and reception. Kyle was on point for the ceremony. All the music was exactly as we discussed. Sounds Abound provided a microphone for the officiant as well. Kyle did a great job with introductions at the rehearsal. Throughout the reception he was great. He played the music that was requested. If something was playing that cleared the dance floor he would cut to a better song. He interacted well with the guests. We received positive feedback from our guests that Kyle was very good.

Sounds Abound provides two DJs. The main DJ and an assistant. What a great idea.

We also booked the large photo booth for the wedding as well. The photo booth attendant was great. Sounds Abound provides two copies of the pictures. It’s up to the bride and groom if both copies go to the guest or if a hard copy goes to the bride and groom. Sounds Abound provides a USB flash drive with digital copies of the photo booth pictures.

I would suggest Sounds Abound to anybody getting married or in need of a DJ or photo booth for any occasion. I’m sure all of the DJs are great, but if you have your choice. Go with Kyle Overbey. You won’t regret it.