Tony, Tony, Tony,
WOW, WOW, WOW! Thank you, seriously, FOR EVERYTHING! You did all that we asked and more and I had such a blast! You know you have an awesome DJ when people come to say good-bye to the bride and she doesn’t want to talk to them because “her song” is on! LOL Loved every minute of it, everyone said that they had a great time and we were beyond pleased. I know I’ve told you before but just knowing we were going to have you as our DJ was the biggest sighs of relief. We’ve been to plenty of wedding’s where the DJ sucks (as I’m sure you have) but from the beginning, I knew that we didn’t have to worry. I felt totally comfortable leaving everything in your hands, from making sure that we are sitting at the right time, to telling us when to walk around, to setting up the sound system for our wedding so everyone can hear our vows, to setting up the slideshow, the list goes on and on, you were a big reason why our day was so great and we are so thankful! I really just want you to come to our house parties so you can rock it out for us, lol. Thanks so much Tony!