As I was reviewing DJ videos to select a DJ for our wedding, I found Ray Jones. Instantly, I knew he was the one for us. Even if you’re not getting married or have an event, he just seems like a guy you need in your life!! After finally talking with him on the phone, I knew I was right. He is so personable, kind, and hilarious! He cured all my pre-wedding receptionĀ jitters by just talking to us. I knew he could be trusted with making our reception into a party. Come wedding day, he was perfect!! The music during our outdoor ceremony and microphones were set up without issues, and everyone in our 180-person wedding could hear our vows. He moved the reception along nicely and when it came time for dancing, he got EVERYONE, and I mean EVERYONE, up to the dance floor. He will involve all the guests in celebrating and dancing. At one point, he started a conga line!! He even let me go behind the DJ set up and let me “spin’: I have never had more fun in my life!! His music choices were perfect and played all our favorites and knew what songs to play to keep the party going. We shut it down!! Ray Jones is the DJ you need in your life!!!